Original & Commission Artwork

Creating one of a kind pieces of art for your home is my passion.
Let me paint something for you!

Comissioned Pieces

I have bought several pieces from Amber. They are gorgeous! She will paint exactly what you want and get it to you in a timely manner. The quality is amazing!

Britni M.

I asked Amber for a custom design for my son and she came through with a brilliant piece of work!! Love all her work! Her talents surpass her affordable prices and I will definitley be a return customer.

Krystal M.

I’ve bought multiple pieces and she is wonderful! You can tell she puts so much love and care into everything she does.

Heather R.

Our Blog


Walk into any craft store & you'll find a bunch of different types of painting palettes. Any of them will work just fine, but these are my personal top 3 & here's why... The Masterson Sta-Wet Paint Palette. I've found them on Amazon & at Micheal's. This...

How to Paint A Heavy Textured Painting

Let's just jump right into it, let me show you how I painted this heavy textured painting. Now, let me just say that I know I'm not the best at teaching because I have no rhyme or reason to what I do sometimes. The majority of the time I just winging it BUT I can at...

A Few of My Favorite Tools

As an artist, sometimes we have to get a little creative with the tools that we use. Sometimes it's for fun & sometimes it's out of necessity. Here's a few of my favorites I've picked up along the way... The silicone paintbrush has been a go-to favorite of mine...

Don’t Reinvent the wheel

As an artist, I'm telling myself daily that I don't need to reinvent the wheel. I tend to feel like if I don't make something Van Gogh level that I've somehow failed. Even Van Gogh had pieces that weren't great but he didn't stop. It stinks when you have a piece that...

Oversized Messy Flowers

There's nothing I love painting more than messy oversized flowers. There's no fine lines to keep straight, no crazy small detail to focus on, just messy greatness. I don't paint them often though. I tend to only paint them when I'm having a creative block. These...


I can't even begin to express how happy I am about 2024. 2023 was rough... for a lot of us. I'm happy to have it in the rearview mirror. For my family, We. Went. Through. It. We had to put my sweet mother in law on Hospice & my husband & I took care of her...

Quick Guide to Painting “Carnival Ride”

The other day I was REALLY feeling the urge to paint something bright & colorful. I had been working on commissioned pieces for a while & needed to get paint something out of the norm. I stood there staring at all of my paints trying to figure out what I...

Finger Painting Isn’t Just for Kids

While I've been painting for years, I've yet to find my own personal style. I get caught up in my custom/commissioned pieces that I haven't really found my own. So this year I've really been trying my hand at every artistic style of painting I can find. Which lead me...

The Basics of Oil Painting

2021 is off to a busy start around here. My first commissioned piece of the year, a 36x48 oil painting of a store logo. Now, I love a good challanging piece but the oil part had me a little nervous. The last time I used oils was years ago & I quickly learned that...

Fresh Start

I've been painting for what seems like forever. I remember painting a HUGE Winnie the Pooh mural in my daughters nursey. She's now almost 18. Then our son came along & it was everything dinosuars & super heroes. In 2012-2013 I started painting furniture "for a...

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