As an artist, sometimes we have to get a little creative with the tools that we use. Sometimes it’s for fun & sometimes it’s out of necessity. Here’s a few of my favorites I’ve picked up along the way…

The silicone paintbrush has been a go-to favorite of mine for all my abstract flower pieces. It really helps with the flow & movement of the paints. The water mister is a daily must have for me. I use it daily. Laying down a base coat; put down a little bit of paint, mist it with water, it thins it out for me. Messy flowers; spray down your paint & watch it run. So many different ways to use it. The rollers I don’t use as much but they’re still on my list of favorites. I use them to create texture on abstract artwork or just roll a thin coat of paint on top of a heavily textured piece. And the chalk pencil… such an amazing tool. Normal pencil marks drive me bananas, sometimes it’s a little difficult to get them to totally go away. I feel like no matter what I do I can always see them. I’ve found that these chalk pencils are so much easier to create with. They’re also great on dark canvases. I’ve also love to use a shower squeegee. You can see that video on my Oversized Messy Flower post.

And last but not least….

I love these bottles from Hobby Lobby. Take your extra, left over paint, add it to these bottles with a little bit of water & you have your own watercolors. I’ve poured these out to make a base coat, to create a messy watercolor look & to fill in empty spaces on a canvas that I didn’t want to be too thick with paint.

I’d love to know what some of your favorite tools are!