While I’ve been painting for years, I’ve yet to find my own personal style. I get caught up in my custom/commissioned pieces that I haven’t really found my own. So this year I’ve really been trying my hand at every artistic style of painting I can find. Which lead me to….. finger painting. Now listen, we all get our hands dirty while painting but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking, no paintbrushes at all, just your hands & a pair of gloves. 

I’m not sure how many artist out there finger paint but I do know of one who has made a VERY successful career out of it. IRIS SCOTT. She is so insainely talented! One of her pieces sold for $40,000! Her work is amazing. If you haven’t heard of her, you should look her up. So when I found that she had an old tutorial on YouTube, I jumped on it. It was from 2015, but still a beautiful piece. 

I was a little nervous, I haven’t finger painted since I was a kid. BUT it was so much fun. A little messy, but what do you expect when your finger painting? AND it’s done in oils! 


Don’t you love it?!? Being done in oils means that it definitely needs lots of time to dry. So while waiting, I tried my hand at my own design.  


Both pieces are available here Ocean Life  & here Koi Fish

Check out my Instagram Reels for a timelapse of how I finger painted the sea turtle!  

And if you’re new to painting & want a few tips on oil painting check out The Basics of Oil Painting