Walk into any craft store & you’ll find a bunch of different types of painting palettes. Any of them will work just fine, but these are my personal top 3 & here’s why…

The Masterson Sta-Wet Paint Palette.

I’ve found them on Amazon & at Micheal’s. This one is my absolute go-to if I’m working on a piece that I’m making my own custom colors or if it’s a piece that will take me awhile to finish. As you can see by the photo, it holds a lot of paint. This palette has a sponge that you wet & it sit on the bottom of the tray & an acrylic paper that goes on top of that for the paint. The paper absorbs the moisture from the sponge & keeps the palette wet. With the air tight lid, your paints will stay perfect for days.

My second favorite is the Palette Paper Pad from Hobby Lobby.

These are great if you don’t like to clean up a palette after painting. This is literally a pad of acrylic paper that you just tear off & throw away when you’re finished. By far the easiest clean up!

Last but not least is more of a “tip” than an actual palette, but either way, I love it. Any type of small paint palette with a lid & Saran Wrap!

On days that I know a painting isn’t going to take me forever but I know I’ll have to stop in the middle of it, I use this trick! Any palette with a lid will work. Place Saran Wrap over the palette, use my paints & then put the lid on it when I’m leaving or taking a break. Clean up is easy & I haven’t wasted a ton of paint. I hope these help! Give them a try & let me know which one you prefer!