There’s nothing I love painting more than messy oversized flowers. There’s no fine lines to keep straight, no crazy small detail to focus on, just messy greatness. I don’t paint them often though. I tend to only paint them when I’m having a creative block. These flowers help me loosen up. The larger the canvas the better, the more relaxed I am with the paints.

I hadn’t painted in a few months so of course these flowers were my go-to when it comes to “where to start”. To make things even more interesting, I only used a shower squeegee, silicone paint brush & a mist water bottle.

I hope you love these as much as I do. They’re a go-to in my artists pieces but also in my house. They look beautiful in any room. Beginning of Something New, Faithful, In the Garden, Palm Sunday, Psalm90 all available here! Palm Sunday prints are now available as well!