The other day I was REALLY feeling the urge to paint something bright & colorful. I had been working on commissioned pieces for a while & needed to get paint something out of the norm. I stood there staring at all of my paints trying to figure out what I wanted to use. I couldn’t decide so I grabbed one of each color!

I used Golden’s Ultramarine Blue & Quinacridone Magenta, Simply Acrylic’s Purple, Master’s Touch Yellow Med, Orange & Titanium White & Artist Loft’s Turquoise Deep.

Since I called this a ‘Quick Guide’ to painting Carnival Ride, let me just show you.



I literally squeezed the paint out of the tube, directly onto the canvas. I grabbed a flat palette knife & just moved the paint around until I liked how it looked & liked the amount of texture it had. Once I let the paint dry, I felt like it was missing something. In came the gold leaf… Don’t ask me why gold leaf, I haven’t used it since 2013. But I had a feeling it would work. I just used it sparingly though.

Once the top was dry I went back & painted the sides of the canvas all around.

This pieced turned out better than I had imagined.

Carnival Ride is available

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